The old village


The most ancient part of Guardabosone was founded around 1000 years B.C., probably as a guard of the border to Biella. Around the original fortified buildings, the rural community developed over the next few centuries to occupy the entire hilltop. The first generations of inhabitants lived off agriculture, in particular exploiting the land’s suitability for viniculture, no doubt in the service of the ‘Signori di Crevacuore’ – the local feudal lords.

The high location from which Guardabosone rises, next to the pass through the Sesia Valley and Sessera Valley, makes it a natural end destination to an important communication route.

This ancient border village – a veritable theatrical scene of residents and passers-by – has much to tell from its past, about the people who built it and lived there; of merchants, shepherds and pilgrims, whose path took them through the pass; of blood spilled in battles between rivalling noble houses.

Cesare Locca